Nomadic World Apparel—the Art of Travel

Dear World Traveler

We have encountered one another in various corners of the world; in airport lounges, boardrooms and village health centers. We are out there—women business travelers conducting international affairs, serving impoverished communities, and making the world a better place. As a fellow world traveler, it is with great pleasure and pride that I offer you Nomadic World Apparel Inc.

Women now constitute almost 50 percent of all the business travel in the United States, and spend $175 billion on 14 million trips annually. Nomadic World Apparel recognizes your growing presence and contributions in the world market and we strive to address your unique travel needs.It is through my travel experiences and personal encounters with extraordinary women around the world that this line of clothing and apparel was conceived.

Nomadic World Apparel specializes in durable clothing that resists wrinkles and stains, that is climate and culturally transitional in chic and modern silhouettes. We also offer practical travel gear that will make your transit and hotel stays more comfortable and convenient.

We believe that the modern female business traveler doesn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort for practicality and convenience. We know that you are the most productive when you look good and feel good in your clothes! Our mission is to ensure you present the very best you, when the very best is required – no matter where in the world you are.

It’s the Nomadic World Apparel promise to offer you a polished, stylish and professional look for any business settings you may find yourself.

Bon voyage!

Mieko McKay
President,  Nomadic World Apparel