Like your closet, your suitcase should contain some basic staples. Here are the must-haves for every travel wardrobe:
Black pants. The quickest way to dress up any shirt is to put on a pair of black pants. Pick a versatile fabric that will take you through the seasons.

Black tank top. Wear it solo during the day, or throw a blazer over it to dress it up for nighttime.

Black turtleneck. Unless you live in Miami, you need this winter wardrobe staple in your closet. Just like the tank top, it can stand on its own or be used for layering.

White blouse. A plain white blouse never gets old, and you’ll never run out of ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Jeans. Have a great pair of dark blue jeans in a straight leg or bootcut with a sensible waistline and a pair of black jeans for going out. These are great for an casual evening with a flirty blouse or a casual Friday. Make sure they fit you well.

Little black dress. This isn’t a cliché. Every woman looks great in her little black dress. It’s slimming, sexy and versatile.

Pencil skirt. Perfect for interviews or elegant dinners, this classic piece looks best hovering about two inches above the knee.

Trench coat. It looks stylish, and it will keep you dry and warm when the seasons change.

Cardigan sweater. Throw this over a tank top to transition an outfit from fall to winter.

Black high heels. Nothing shows off a great pair of legs better than a set of high heels. Black is the most versatile color. When you’re looking at heel height, go for both design and function. You can’t look good if you can’t walk in your shoes.

A brightly colored cardigan full length or three quarters sleeve. Pick a fresh color like green or yellow. Perfect to add a splash of color to your everyday dress or an evening out on the town.

Keep these essentials updated with trendy jewelry, a colorful scarf, belts and shoes.