Destination Guide
As a business traveler, you need to keep your head in the game on your next trip to Taipei, rather than finding a business friendly hotel or dry cleaning. As part of our mission to keep our clients on point during work related travel, Nomadic World Apparel provides FREE, detailed Destination Guides with up to date information on hotels and amenities, safety and entertainment and other useful information and tips to put your mind at ease before you travel. Our Destination Guide also includes packing recommendations from our expert outfitters. We are delighted to offer our clients this exclusive, personalized service to make sure you are in the know, before you go!

Your customized destination guide will be dispatched within 48 hours and can include information such as:

Brief Country or City Profile
Grooming/Spa services
Dining Options
Hotel Options
Local Events
Local holidays/customs
Language assistance
Security Information
Currency and banking information
Customs and border crossing information
  • Please indicate the country you will be traveling to. You may also include any cities.
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  • Please indicate any special needs or request that you would like us to address in your guide such as vegetarian food options or disabled person accessibility.
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